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Alcalá Innova

The “Alcalá Innova” Foundation is a non-profit making entity that was in charge of developing the first Strategic Plan and Sustainable Development Place of the city of Alcalça de Guadaíra (PDSA). In 2009 the City Council entrusted them once again with the design, development and implementation of the second Plan, which will run until 2020. The Foundation is responsible for establishing the necessary alliances between sectors and institutions, in order to carry out different strategic actions in the city, and to channel the relevant funds.

The PDSA’s philosophy is to coordinate a city model that finds harmony between industrial, commercial and technological growth within a city, adhering to the concept of sustainability. It has turned the city into a strategic city for regional growth, and a model of local development in Andalusia. Alcalá has thus become one of the cities with the most prospects at national level.

From the outset, it was conceived as an open entity, with the ability to reflect a wide range of existing interests and opinions in the city, with a flexible approach in order to enhance the participation of different local actors.

In addition to the activity with our companies through our services, the Foundation works on many other projects and cross-cutting initiatives in partnership with other Public institutions and Local Government.

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  • c/ Innovación nº10 Edificio CBC
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    Mairena del Aljarafe
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