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Join us

How to join

Companies and institutions from the audiovisual sector from Andalusia, who accept the statutes of the Digital and Audiovisual Cluster of Andalusia, Cland, will be able to join.

Members pay an annual fee.

If you are interested in becoming a member, kindly contact us and we will arrange a personal interview in order to provide you with more in-depth information on the benefits of joining Cland.

You will need the following documents in order to activate your membership to the Digital and Audiovisual cluster of Andalusia:

  1. 1. Acceptance letter of the Statutes of Constitution of the Digital and Audiovisual cluster of Andalusia (Cland).
  2. Completed application letter for admission into Cland.
  3. Completed member registration form.
  4. Brief presentation of the company..
  5. High-resolution company logo.
  6. Specification of which working group/groups you wish to participate in: Advanced Training, R+D+i, International Business, National Business. .

Why join

When companies work together, they create a larger market of much higher value than what they would be able to achieve alone..

A cluster is much more efficient when compared to individual companies alone, and this is due to the externalities generated by each company for the others, as can be seen in the following reasons:

  1. The concentration of companies in one region attracts more clients, thus leading to a much more extensive growth in the market for all, than would be the case if companies were working alone.
  2. The high competition generated by this concentration of companies leads to a larger specialisation and division of work, and consequently to higher productivity.
  3. The strong interaction between producers, suppliers and end users facilitates and induces greater productive and technological learning, as well as in trade, in turn promoting the development of knowledge flows and movement of human capital.
  4. The repeated transactions in proximity with the same economic agents generates a higher level of trust and reputation, resulting in lower transaction costs.
  5. The existence of this cluster simplifies the collective action, working together to achieve common goals (internationalisation, capacity-building, technological development and monitoring centres, quality standards campaigns, etc.)

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Contact us

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  • c/ Innovación nº10 Edificio CBC
    Polígono Pisa
    Mairena del Aljarafe
    41927 Sevilla
    (+34) 955 11 14 51
  • Write to us.
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